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App #1 - Search

Search is the easiest and fastest way to find transactions.

Translucent will be the super-app for multi-entity companies, helping CFOs and finance teams with many different tasks. We will do this by creating a single platform that consolidates all your data and then building Apps on top of this platform. Our first App is Search.

Search does two things: (1) it gives you a more powerful search engine than is normal in SMB accounting software and (2) it enables you to search across all your entities at the same time.

Wondering which entity paid for that invoice? Search tells you. You’d like to search across all fields. Search does it. Want to search underlying files, like receipts and invoices? Search does it. Need a list of transactions, such as yesterday’s AP or all the invoices for one client? Search will produce it.

Search is not Translucent; it is just App #1. App #2 - Group Reporting - will be launched shortly. After that we have a roadmap for many, many more Apps!

If you’d like to start using Search then please click here, if you’d like to join the companies testing Group Reporting please click here. If you’d like to discuss the needs for your multi-entity companies then please do get in touch!

Michael Wood

Translucent, the accounting platform solving the everyday finance problems of multi-entity businesses, has raised a £2.7M pre-seed round led by London-based VC firm LocalGlobe.

The introduction of bank feeds changed the requirements for accounting systems forever.

Michael Wood