Translucent integrates with your existing accounting solutions to give you a single financial system of record.

Connects to
Oracle Netsuite
QuickBooks Online

Translucent is the CFO super-app that solves the everyday problems of multi-entity finance teams.

Translucent connects to your existing accounting solution to create a single system of record. Built on top of the consolidated data, Translucent offers a suite of apps tailored to multi-entity businesses.

The Translucent Platform

The Translucent Platform integrates with your existing solutions to consolidate your data and give you control over your data.

Translucent data illutration

All your data in one place.

Translucent data illutration

The Translucent Platform

The Platform creates a consolidated, standardised view of your data.

Translucent data illutration

The Platform powers Translucent’s Apps which tackle everyday workflows.

Translucent's Apps

The Translucent Apps are built on top of the consolidated data from the Translucent Platform.
Multiple Apps, all working on the same data.

...and more to come!