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Search all your accounting
data in one place

Search all your entities at once.

Search attached files like receipts and invoices.

See basic reports like yesterday’s AP.

Connects to
Oracle Netsuite
QuickBooks Online


Multi-entity search

Fed up of having to constantly switch between entities to find items? Say goodbye to switching between entities, find everything you need, all in one place.

Search descriptions

Whether you’re searching for a vendor name, an invoice number, a line item description in an invoice, you can search all descriptions and fields.

Search files

When we say search everything, we mean it. Search the text in files attached to your records, regardless of whether the data has been previously extracted.

Advanced filtering

Have a lot of items? Not a problem. Advanced filters mean you can narrow down the number of results, so you can find what you’re looking for faster.

The Translucent Platform

The Translucent Platform integrates with your existing solutions to consolidate your data and give you control over your data.

Translucent data illutration

All your data in one place.

Translucent data illutration

The Translucent Platform

The Platform creates a consolidated, standardised view of your data.

Translucent data illutration

The Platform powers Translucent’s Apps which tackle everyday workflows.

Translucent's Apps

The Translucent Apps are built on top of the consolidated data from the Translucent Platform.
Multiple Apps, all working on the same data.